Summer Update on Divestment

Hi All!

You have all contributed to an incredible campaign this semester. All of your hard work has gotten results, too, as we have seen from support for the student union referendum on divestment (79%!) and from the administration putting together an exploratory committee on divestment with us, and with plans of presenting to the Board of Trustees next semester.
The school’s administration is taking the issue of divestment seriously and has shown interest in working with the campaign to develop a plan to make divestment work best for Brandeis. If you are passionate about divestment and have been involved with the campaign over the semester, here is an opportunity to continue your involvement over the summer. We need student voices on the committee and want to open the door to anyone who is in Boston and willing to commit some of their time to be at committee meetings. If you are interested or have any questions/comments, please respond to¬†