Divest Brandeis Alumni Campaign | Get Involved

Before anything else, we ask that you sign onto our alumni petition, which will be delivered to President Frederick Lawrence as part of the greater Divest Brandeis campaign.  If you are interested in getting more involved, that’s great! The most recent campaign leaders (Rachel and Cece) are currently taking a breather from organizing, but if you want to take initiative and step into a leadership role, we would love to support you. If you’d like more information on what the campaign has done so far and any relevant documents, please email Rachel at rachel.a.soule@gmail.com or Cece at cecelia.p.watkins@gmail.com.

Here are a few things you can do without any help from us:

  • Email or call your fellow alumni letting them know about this campaign and the petition

  • Post on Facebook about this campaign

  • Contact your local Brandeis Alumni group! Bring this campaign to them, either via schmoozing and casual conversation or a formal presentation.

If you’d like to join the (currently inactive) mailing list, complete the following form:

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