Divest Brandeis Alumni Campaign | Who We Are

**JOIN THE VOICES CALLING FOR DIVESTMENT! Sign the Alumni petition here!**

We are Brandeis alumni, and we are passionate supporters of fossil fuel divestment. We are proud of Brandeis’s position as a leading research institution dedicated to the advancement of both science and social justice. We know Brandeis as a community of bright, committed, and knowledgeable people who value truth, courage, and leadership. We believe investments in the fossil fuel industry jeopardize the future of those bright people and stand in contradiction to Brandeisian values.

Not only are fossil fuels a limited resource (and therefore utterly unsustainable), they create a world of scarcity, pollution, and global conflict. Beyond that, our warming climate may be the greatest threat we have ever faced. Scientific consensus is overwhelming: we cannot continue to burn the world’s remaining fossil fuel reserves without causing immense suffering to communities and dangerously warming the planet for several thousand years. Someone must stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

Our political system is gridlocked. Our leaders haven’t acted to combat climate change. Fossil fuel companies won’t change until they are forced to. As university alumni we have a unique position of power. By withdrawing university investments in the fossil fuel industry, we won’t solve the climate crisis, but we will voice a strong moral outcry and contribute to a rising tide of divestment action.

We are all across the United States, and we range in graduation year from 1965 to 2013. We are proud Brandeisians and we want to support our alma mater in divesting from fossil fuels.

See who has signed our letter to President Lawrence (273 signatures).

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